Over 100 Side Dish Recipes - 3 Boys and a Dog (2024)

As the kids get bigger, they start eating…A LOT. I used to be able to cook one dish and have enough for everyone, plus leftovers. These days? I can barely get a full meal out of an entree and my kids still ask for more to eat.So I’ve started making more full course dinners and that means adding side dishes to my meal plans.

But it’s tough to plan a week’s worth of side dishes without having to repeat the same ones again and again. That’s why I’ve rounded up this list of over 100side dish recipes! There are vegetable dishes, breads, soups, and pastas here that everyone is sure to love!

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100+ Side Dish Recipes:

1. TheseLoaded Mashed Potatoeswill be a great side to serve with fried chicken!

2. Whip up thisSpicy Black Bean and Corn Saladas a cool summer side dish!

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3. Make thisRoasted Butternut Squashto serve alongside a hearty fall entree!

4. TheseCreamy Ranch Crockpot Potatoescook all day, cutting your dinner prep in half!

5. ThisCool Cabbage Slawis perfect for a backyard barbecue!

6. Sneak some healthy veggies into your kids’ dinners with thisCurried Lentil Rice!

7. This lightOrange Coconut Saladwould be delicious served with seafood!

8. Serve up thisVegetable Medley with Cream Saucewith pork chops or grilled fish!

9. Make thisBacon and Broccoli Saladas a simple side for lunch!

10. ThisParmesan Ranch Zucchinilooks delicious!

11. Give vegetables a spicy kick with this recipe forThai Sweet Asparagus!

12. Bake up thisCheesy Broccoli & Corn Casserolefor salmon or grilled chicken!

13. TheseBaked Parmesan Tomatoesare simple to prepare and cook in a few minutes!

14. Have you ever tried to make your own rice cakes? TheseParmesan Rice Cakesare an easy DIY!

15. ThisLuscious Green and Red Grape Saladwould be a wonderful side for a cold dinner!

16. Make thisOrzo Salad with Dijon Vinaigretteas a unique pasta salad side!

17. This recipe forSesame Peanut Spaghetti Squashwould double as a side dish or a low-carb pasta option!

18. Cook thisSavory Sausage and Spinach Skilletand serve it alongside a roasted chicken!

19. Make some sneakily nutritious fries with theseHealthy Butternut Squash Fries! These go great with turkey burgers!

20. ThisEasy Spanish Riceis great for serving with meatloaf!

21. TheseGrilled Sweet Onionswould be delicious served with hot dogs or fajitas!

22. Make a turkey dinner simple with this easyCranberry and Almond Riceas a side dish!

23. TheseLoaded Twice Baked Potatoesare an amazing side dish to serve with stew!

24. ThisBlack Bean and Avocado Saladis a healthy, light side that you can serve cold or warm!

25. ThesePan-Fried Potatoes and Carrotsare a wonderful side dish for pot roast!

Over 100 Side Dish Recipes - 3 Boys and a Dog (3)

26. Serve theseTexas Cowboy Beanswith Texas BBQ!

27. Make theseLow-Cal Creamed Leeksand serve them along with grilled chicken!

28. TheseParsley Butter Potatoesare yummy with steak!

29. ThisGarden Fresh Summer Squash Pieis an ideal side for a warm summer dinner!

30. Going low-carb? Try thisCauliflower Rice Enchilada Bowl!

31. ThisTortellini Salad Recipeis perfect for an outdoor picnic!

32. Make theseRoasted Garlic Parmesan Green Beansto serve alongside dinner at a family get-together!

33. ThisSpaghetti Squash Au Gratinis a healthier version of potatoes!

34. Kids don’t like cabbage? They’ll love theseRoasted Cabbage Wedges with Onion & Dijon Sauce!

35. TheseGlazed Pearl Onionswould be a great side or an add-in for stew!

36. Make theseEasy Crock Pot Baked Potatoesand then top them with ground beef for a hearty side dish!

37. Take baked beans to the next level with this recipe forBacon Baked Beans!

38. Cook theseSlow Cooker Collard Greensfor a classic Southern side!

39. Skip the frozen french fries and make your ownHomemade French Fries!

40. Turn a kid favorite into a side your children will love with theseLoaded Cheesy Tater Tots!

41. Cook thisMacaroni and Cheeseand serve it along with glazed ham!

42. TheseSlow Cooker Black-Eyed Peasare a perfect side to serve with smoked pork!

43. Put this easyKale and Apple Saladtogether to serve with baked chicken!

44. ThisSimple Corn, Pepper, and Onion Sautewould be a perfect addition to Taco Night!

45. Fire up the grill and make this!

46. Try thisTuscan Bacon Potato Saladfor a twist on classic potato salad!

47. Still looking for a light side dish to try? Thisis perfect!

48. Load up your cornbread with thisBroccoli, Bacon, & Cheese Cornbread!

49. I love risotto. It’s so creamy and comforting. And I love the idea of adding vegetables to it even more! Try this recipe forRisotto with Asparagus!

50. If your kids don’t like cauliflower, try thisSpicy Turmeric Roasted Cauliflowerinstead!

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51. Make up theseScalloped Potatoesfor a classic side dish your family will love!

52. TheseRoasted Root Vegetablesare an upgrade from boring veggies!

53. This deliciousGrilled Peach Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrettelooks so gorgeous!

54. Give asparagus a flavor boost with thisGarlic Parmesan Asparagus!

55. ThisOnion Mashed Potato Casseroleis a fun way to change up standard mashed potatoes!

56. Serve this lightTuscan Tomato & Mozzarella Saladalong with tilapia!

57. Change up basic macaroni and cheese with this!

58. TheseRoasted Sweet Potatoes with Candied Bacon and Pecansare a sweet side to serve!

59. TheseEasy Grilled Veggiesare a simple side for an outdoor party!

60. Who doesn’t love pineapple? Serve it as a second course with thisPineapple Side Dishrecipe!

61. Make risotto simple with thisFive Ingredient Risotto!

62. Tired of boxed stuffing? Make your own with this recipe forStuffing with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme!

63. Get a taste of the colonel at home with thisCopycat KFC Coleslaw!

64. TheseRoasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranatecook up fast and are excellent with lamb!

65. Give your dinner a tropical makeover with thisHealthy Roasted Hawaiian Medley!

66. Balsamic vinegar is just so, so good. So I just know theseBalsamic Roasted Onionsare delicious!

67. Serve an elegant side with this beautiful, but simple,Broccoli Braid!

68. Make thisSkillet Potato Cakein a cast iron skillet for an old-fashioned cabin meal!

69. Soda on potatoes? Yep! TheseSunkist New Potatoeshave an orange tangy twist!

70. Add the taste of bacon to a family favorite with thisSmothered Bacon Green Bean Casserole!

71. Serve this yummyAsparagus and Potato Egg Bakeas a side or a breakfast meal!

72. TheseMexican Stuffed Pepperswould be excellent with grilled steak!

73. ThisSkinny Spaghetti Pieis a simple, nutritious side dish!

74. Bake theseCheesy Herb Biscuitsand serve them with soup or pasta!

75. Skipping meat? Try thisTofu Vegetable Salad!

Over 100 Side Dish Recipes - 3 Boys and a Dog (5)

76. Try a new kind of salad with this recipe forCranberry Almond Broccoli Salad!

77. TheseSavory Parmesan Bitesare a nice way to change up traditional dinner rolls!

78. Serve thisBroccoli Casseroleto add more vegetables to your family meal!

79. These easyOven Steak Friesare perfect with steak or burgers!

80. Need some party food? TheseTexas Chili Cheese Friesare decadent and delicious!

81. Whip up thisFully Loaded Potato Saladand make everyone at the table happy!

82. Okra is a Southern staple, but I’ve never had it cooked Italian-style. Definitely trying this recipe forItalian Okra & Beans!

83. Love spicy food? Try thisJalapeno Bacon Corn!

84. This recipe forGerman Red Potatoes with Pistachiossounds a bit quirky, but it looks really, really good!

85. Oh, how I love plantains. TheseBaked Plantain Frieslook yummy!

86. Skip mashed potatoes and serve this low-carbMashed Cauliflowerinstead!

87. Try serving thisChilled Avocado Soupas a side dish instead of an appetizer!

88. ThisBrussels Sprouts with Lemon & Pancettamakes for an elegant side dish!

89. Serve this recipe forSouthern Black-Eyed Peasalong with turkeyfor a hearty meal!

90. Your children will be happy to eat their veggies in this deliciousBroccoli & Cauliflower Parmesan Bake!

91. Make creamed corn the easy way – in your slow cooker! Try this recipe forCrockpot Creamed Corn!

92. ThisButtermilk Corn Breadwould be awesome with the Southern Black-Eyed Peas above!

93. Combine vegetables and sausage in thisCaufliflower Chorizo Hash!

94. Your kids will love the sweet taste of theseHoney Glazed Carrots!

95. If you’re all squashed out, try a new variety and make thisBaked Acorn Squash!

96. Bake thisSouthern-Style Cornbread Dressingfor a hearty side dish that’s sure to please!

97. Serve this lightCucumber Saladwith fried fish!

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98. Make a favorite a bit healthier with this recipe forZucchini Hushpuppies!

99. Turn vegetables into fried appetizers with this recipe forZucchini-Feta Fritters with Lime!

100. Try a new way to serve potatoes with theseRoasted Balsamic Potatoes!

101. Make a big batch of thisPasta Medley Saladand serve it chilled!

102. Make certain to check out these25+ Sweet Potato Recipes as well!

103. Add this Crunchy Cool Cabbage Slaw to your radar!

104. Make this Oven Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe today!

105. This Creamed Corn Recipe is one of the best flavors!

106. Make this Classic Coleslaw Recipe for the summer months!

107. I love the flavor of this Greek Shrimp Rice Salad Recipe!

108. These Low Cal Creamed Leeks are the best for adding a pop of flavor!

Side Dish Resources:

Spice up your side dishes with these great resources!

Over 100 Side Dish Recipes - 3 Boys and a Dog (2024)
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