Oferta pracy Office Experience Manager, ELECTROLUX POLAND, Warszawa (2024)

Oferta pracy Office Experience Manager, ELECTROLUX POLAND, Warszawa (1)

ELECTROLUX POLANDAbout the company

  • Warszawa

    Warszawa, Masovian

  • valid for a month

    to 07 July 2024

  • contract of employment

  • full-time

  • team manager

  • hybrid work

Your responsibilities

  • Act as the Master of Daily Operations: Be the primary point of contact to Business Link, our co-working provider, and troubleshoot minor issues to keep the space comfortable and functional.
  • Build & improve the hub: Constantly improve our set-up to make it more comfortable and functional, both in terms of physical space and processes for utilization and running our operations. Help create an office that reflects our company values, fosters a sense of belonging, and inspires creativity.
  • Craft a Culture of Connection: Plan fun and engaging activities to build strong relationships and a collaborative spirit within our new team and to support recruiting of new talent to our hub
  • Be a Helpful Host: Be the friendly face for visitors and staff, providing exceptional customer service and making everyone feel comfortable in our new space.
  • Act as our Onboarding Guru: Assist with onboarding of new team members, ensuring a smooth transition into our unique culture and this exciting new chapter for the company.
  • Lead the work to move to a permanent office, from project managing the site search to defining specifications to interior design to coordinating the actual move from one site to another.

Our requirements

  • Your skills and experience:
  • • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • • A passion for building positive relationships and fostering a collaborative spirit.
  • • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Bonus for experience with Slack, Confluence and MIRO.
  • • Fluent in Polish and English (working language at Electrolux is English)
  • • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks, work independently, and thrive in a fast-paced environment with a positive attitude.
  • • Proactive attitude – you look around and see what needs to be done or can be improved - and problem-solving approach that prioritizes getting it done over perfection.
  • • A sense of adventure and a desire to be part of a company embarking on a new journey.
  • • Previous experience in office administration or a similar role is a bonus, but not required.
  • • Event planning experience is also a plus!
  • You demonstrate:
  • • Collaboration – you contribute to a highly collaborative environment that enables a cross functional team to flourish.
  • • Communication – you effectively exchange information and ideas with confidence and respect, are able to demonstrate progress, raise issues and articulate changes on a frequent basis.
  • • Empathy – you can understand and acknowledge the emotions and perspectives of others during conversations.
  • • Problem-Solving – you are able to connect the dots between insights, strategy, and conceptual direction; is outcome - as opposed to task - orientated.
  • • Adaptability & Resilience – you can effectively navigate change, challenges, and setbacks while maintaining a positive and flexible approach.
  • • Proactivity – you are eager to learn and grow, sees challenges as opportunities, seeks and - is responsive to - feedback.
  • • Responsibility – you are accountable, reliable, and proactive in building systems and handling dependencies, contributing to a trustworthy and effective team dynamic.

What we offer

  • Flexible working hours & hybrid work environment
  • Medical insurance
  • Discounts on our award-winning products
  • Cafeteria Platform for co-financing of Multisport or vouchers
  • Extensive learning opportunities and flexible career path


  • sharing the costs of sports activities

  • private medical care

  • sharing the costs of foreign language classes

  • remote work opportunities

  • flexible working time

  • fruits

  • corporate products and services at discounted prices

  • integration events

  • corporate sports team

  • retirement pension plan

  • corporate library

  • coffee / tea

  • extra social benefits

  • sharing the costs of tickets to the movies, theater

  • holiday funds

  • employee referral program

  • charity initiatives

  • family picnics

Oferta pracy Office Experience Manager, ELECTROLUX POLAND, Warszawa (2)

All about the role:

  • As IoT is becoming more and more prevalent in appliances, we are expanding our team and our footprint to deliver IoT solutions and digital experiences at speed and scale. In addition to our existing locations in Stockholm, northeast Italy, and Kuala Lumpur, we are opening a new development hub in Warsaw to help us reach our goal of millions of connected appliances helping consumers live more convenient and sustainable lives.
  • We’re looking for an Office Experience Manager to join us on our journey. This is a temporary role for 18 months that has the potential to convert into full-time depending on need.
  • Become employee #1 in our Warsaw Tech Hub, acting as the ground-breaker for Electrolux Digital Experience in Poland. You will be more than an office administrator; in this role you will be responsible for building up a thriving hub aligned with Electrolux values and ensuring a smooth day-to-day operation. It will become one of the most important roles in the office.

Where you'll be:

  • While embracing a hybrid work model, your main location will be our state-of-the-art office in Warsaw's vibrant Wola district, purposefully crafted to support neurodiversity and conveniently positioned near "Fabryka Norblina". Given the nature of the role, it will be important to be in the office as much as needed to be effective, likely 4-5 days a week in the beginning then reducing to 3-4 days.
  • You will be part of a dynamic international team where English is the natural language. Polish language skills will be important to build an authentic culture in the office and liaise with the co-working provider effectively.


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  • At Electrolux, as a leading global appliance company, we strive every day to shape living for the better for our consumers, our people and our planet. We share ideas and collaborate so that together, we can develop solutions that deliver enjoyable and sustainable living.
  • Come join us as you are. We believe diverse perspectives make us stronger and more innovative. In our global community of people from 100+ countries, we listen to each other, actively contribute and grow together.
  • Join us in our exciting quest to build the future home.

This is how we work

Oferta pracy Office Experience Manager, ELECTROLUX POLAND, Warszawa (3)

Oferta pracy Office Experience Manager, ELECTROLUX POLAND, Warszawa (4)




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Oferta pracy Office Experience Manager, ELECTROLUX POLAND, Warszawa (2024)
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