Hydro Quebec Power Outage Map (2024)

1. Power outages

  • Laurentides

  • Information about power outages and planned service interruptions. Verify the status of an address and report an outage

2. Check the Today Hydro Quebec Power Outage Map by Address

  • Stay informed during power outages with Hydro-Québec's Power Outage Map. It provides real-time updates for your area, helping you prepare effectively. Report ...

  • We'll explore its features, benefits, and how it empowers you to plan and respond effectively during power interruptions. So, let's embark on this journey of staying connected and informed with Hydro-Québec's real-time power outage updates.

3. Hydro-Québec Power Outages

4. Quebec Power Outages Map

  • Loading Map... Outage Scale: 0% 10% 30% 60% 100%. Electric Providers. Electric Providers for Quebec. Provider. Customers Tracked. Customers Out. Last Updated.

  • PowerOutage.com is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the world.

5. Hydro-Québec's Power Outage Map Shows The Staggering Scale Of ...

  • 6 apr 2023 · The map illustrates the areas affected by the estimated 2,183 total outages (as of 8:30 a.m. Thursday) across the province. Entire ...

  • It looks like basically the whole West Island has no power.

6. Stormcentre - Hydro One

  • hydroone Search close. search. We want you to be able to access myAccount. However, the new, easy-to-use features in myAccount require you to enable cookies ...

  • Hydro One is Canada’s largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider. We transmit and distribute electricity across Ontario, home to 38 per cent of Canada’s population

7. Outage map - BC Hydro

  • Report an outage. Lost power? Check the outage map to see if we're aware of the outage. If your outage isn't shown, call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or ...

  • Find current power outages on a map.

8. Outages - :: NL Hydro - Login ::

  • Information updates at every 5 minutes · Updated at: 09/07/24 10:55 AM.

  • location_on Region

9. Quebec power outages: electricity restored to most - CTV News Montreal

  • 30 aug 2023 · Power restored to most Hydro-Quebec customers after lightning strike ... A snapshot of the Hydro-Quebec outages map taken in the morning of Aug.

  • Power has been restored to most of the 35,000 Hydro-Quebec customers affected by outages Wednesday morning, but a few thousand in Montreal and Laval remain in the dark.

10. Outages - Manitoba Hydro

  • Check our outage map for outages in your area and report an outage. Get helpful tips on preparing for a power outage and learn how we work to prevent them.

11. Tens of thousands of customers still without power in Ottawa-Gatineau ...

  • 8 apr 2023 · A map of Western Quebec with orange bubbles showing where power outages are. ... This map shows the number of outages for Hydro-Quebec customers ...

  • Three days after a powerful freezing rain storm hit the region on Wednesday, just over 45,000 customers are still without power in the National Capital Region. 

Hydro Quebec Power Outage Map (2024)


How many power outages are there in Quebec? ›

Service interruptions reported by region
RegionInterruptionsCustomers without electricity
Nord-du-Québec00 customer out of 23 817
Outaouais00 customer out of 229 843
Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean00 customer out of 135 500
Across Québec331 730 customers out of 4 597 122
14 more rows

Is Hydro Quebec electricity? ›

Hydro‑Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. The largest power utility in Canada and a major player in the global hydropower industry, Hydro‑Québec also operates a vast high-voltage transmission system. Its sole shareholder is the Québec government.

What is the phone number for Hydro Quebec Panne? ›

Power outage: Tips on managing the situation

In advance, draw up a list of emergency numbers, including Hydro‑Québec 1 800 790‑2424.

Can I shower during a power outage? ›

Can I Shower When the Power Is Out? To shower when the power is out, your home needs a traditional tank-style water heater. If that water heater still has hot water in reserve, then you can take a warm shower. If you plan to take a shower, you need to do it soon after the power goes out.

Where does Québec get most of its electricity? ›

With over 40 850 MW of installed hydroelectric capacity, hydropower generates 94% of Quebec's electricity.

Which state has the most power outages per capita? ›

States Hit Hardest by Power Outages: A 10-Year Review

Nevada had the most customers impacted by power outages per capita over the 10-year period between 2013 and 2023, with 382,102 affected. In 2023 alone, Michigan topped the list with 21,746 customers affected per capita.

Why is hydro so cheap in Québec? ›

The province is also a source of wind, biomass and solar energy. All of these abundant sources of hydroelectricity made of Québec electricity rates some of the lowest in Canada and in the world. Electricity prices in the province are historically lower than in other provinces and states in North America.

Who is the owner of Hydro-Québec? ›

Hydro-Québec is a government-owned public utility established in 1944 by the Government of Quebec.

What is Hydro-Québec ranked? ›

Through its efforts in terms of sustainability and social responsibility, Hydro-Québec jumped from fifth place in last year's ranking to first this year. It also clinched the top spot in 2018 and came in second in 2019. ranking.

Does Hydro-Québec power New York? ›

Over 100 years of cooperation. Québec has a long history of supplying clean, renewable energy to the State of New York, beginning with the construction of the 200-MW Les Cèdres–Dennison intertie in 1914.

Why is Hydro-Québec calling me? ›

People have been making fraudulent phone calls pretending to be Hydro-Québec employees. If someone calls and asks for a credit card number to keep your power from being cut off, don't give them any information. Note that Hydro‑Québec does not accept payment by credit card and never asks for credit card numbers.

How do I contact Hydro-Québec English? ›

Instead you have to contact Customer Services at Hydro-Québec : 1-888-385-7252. For situations related to service cut offs, the number to call is 1-877-571-3155. If you are not sure, or for an emergency, feel free to contact us.

Can I use my toilet during a power outage? ›

Depending on the amount of water remaining in the pipes, you might be able to flush your toilet several times while the power is out. Eventually, however, your tank won't fill up anymore because the pumps are down. When this happens, you will need to flush your toilet manually by pouring in a bucket of water.

Why fill a bathtub with water during a power outage? ›

Stock up on drinking and cooking water, and fill your bathtub as a source for buckets of water to flush your toilet until the power comes on. -Put your flashlights, matches, candles and lanterns in a spot that they will be easy to locate if the power goes out after dark.

How long is fridge good without power? ›

As the USDA notes in Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency, your refrigerator will keep food safe for up to 4 hours during a power outage. Keep the door closed as much as possible. Discard refrigerated perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers after 4 hours without power.

Does Québec have its own power grid? ›

The Quebec Interconnection is one of the three minor alternating-current (AC) electrical grids in North America. The Quebec Interconnection covers all of the Province of Quebec and operates at an average system frequency of 60 Hz.

Which country has the most power outages? ›

Energy > Electrical outages > Days: Countries Compared
1Bangladesh248.96 days
2Albania194.23 days
3Lebanon188.58 days
4Democratic Republic of the CongoCongo, DR.184.04 days
90 more rows

How many people in Canada have no electricity? ›

For context, there are approximately 200,000 people living off-grid in Canada. They are not connected to the national electric grid or natural gas distribution system, according to the Canadian Energy Centre.

Is Québec expected to run out of electricity in the middle or at the end of the decade? ›

And, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), the equivalent of Hydro-Québec in Ontario, added that, at any rate, Quebec is expected to "run out of electricity in the middle or at the end of the decade."

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