How To Place Orders On TradingView - A Complete Guide (2024)

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TradingView has rapidly evolved into a robust trading platform, now enabling order placement and execution via connected brokerage accounts.

But how do you actually place trades on TradingView? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the process for entering different types of orders and managing them through to execution.

Whether you trade stocks, crypto, options, or futures – follow along to master order entry on TradingView’s charts and trading forms.

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Connecting a Brokerage Account on TradingView

Before placing real-money orders, you need to link a brokerage account to TradingView:

  • Select a broker from the integrations list or connect your account via API
  • Complete the steps to securely link your brokerage account
  • Fund your account with real capital to trade live
  • Confirm the connection succeeded and live trading is enabled

With those steps completed, you’re ready to start placing orders!

Using the Trading Panel to Enter Orders

The Trade Panel provides an intuitive order entry method right on your TradingView chart:

  1. Click the Account icon to select your connected, funded brokerage
  2. Choose the Asset you want to trade
  3. Pick the Order Type (Market, Limit, Stop, etc)
  4. Input the key details like quantity, limit price, etc.
  5. Review order accuracy and customize as needed
  6. Hit the Buy or Sell button to submit your order

The Trade Panel condenses the order entry process without leaving your chart.

Placing Orders Using the DOM Trader

For ultra-fast order execution, TradingView offers the DOM (Depth of Market) Trader:

  1. Add the DOM Trader widget to your chart window
  2. Click price levels in the Buy or Sell ladder to instantly place those orders
  3. Manage orders by clicking the ticket number
  4. Close positions by clicking the Exit button next to open trades

The DOM Trader allows one-click order placement at any price.

UsingKeyboard Shortcuts for Rapid Orders

Experienced traders can utilize TradingView’s keyboard shortcuts:

  • Program hotkeys for Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, etc
  • Set shortcuts for stop loss, take profit, position size, and order settings
  • Manage shortcuts under the Keyboard tab in Settings
  • Execute orders rapidly without touching your mouse

Hotkeys help traders react quickly to changing market conditions.

Placing Contingent and Advanced Orders

TradingView also supports contingent and multi-leg order types:

  • Stop Ordersexecute only after a specified price is hit
  • Stop Limit Orderstrigger a limit order when the stop price is reached
  • Trailing Stopsfollow the price as it moves favorably to lock in profits
  • Brackets and OCOscombine take profit and stop loss orders in a single trade

The advanced Trade Panel accommodates all complex order scenarios.

Modifying and Managing Working Orders

After an order is placed, you can modify and manage it:

  • Click the order ticket number in the Orders Panel to open
  • Update details like quantity, price, stop loss, take profit, etc.
  • Close the position by changing the order type to Market

Actively adjust working orders to optimize your trading strategy.

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Responsible Order Placement and Execution

When placing real money orders on TradingView, be sure to:

  • Stick to tested trading strategies and proven risk management tactics
  • Start small with position sizing and increase gradually
  • Review orders carefully before submitting to prevent costly errors
  • Understand your broker’s trading hours and order type specifics
  • Monitor orders closely and act quickly if execution issues arise

Disciplined order placement and execution prevents costly mistakes.

Troubleshooting Order Issues

Here are potential problems and troubleshooting tips:

Orders not filling?Confirm live trading is enabled on the chart. Check internet connection and broker status. Use limit orders.

Execution lagging?Disable paper trading module to prevent conflicts. Refresh browser or restart platform.

Incorrect pricing or fees?Review your broker’s TradingView fee schedule before placing orders.

Don’t hesitate to contact TradingView support if significant order issues arise.

The Power of Integrated Trading

I hope this guide provides a solid blueprint for successfully placing every type of order on TradingView and getting them executed through your connected brokerage account.

Combining world-class trading visualization and analysis tools with live order management unlocks huge potential for executing winning trades.

Just be sure to apply prudent position sizing and risk management as you master the platforms’ trading capabilities. The power is yours to trade on your terms!

Let me know if you have any other TradingView order placement questions. I’m happy to help explain any concepts and techniques in more detail. Trade on!

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How To Place Orders On TradingView - A Complete Guide (2024)
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