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  • July 10, 2023

Critical Degrees Astrology

If you’ve ever looked at your birth chart, you’ve probably noticed a set of numbers on the right of your zodiac placements. These are degrees and are quite specific based on your time of birth.

In astrology, degrees are used to measure the positions of celestial bodies within the zodiac. The zodiac is divided into 360 degrees, with each sign of the zodiac spanning 30 degrees.

Astrologers use degrees to determine the exact position of planets, the Ascendant (rising sign), and other points in the birth chart. The degrees provide precise information about the placement of celestial bodies within a particular sign. For example, if a planet is at 10 degrees of Aries, it means that it is 10 degrees into the Aries sign.

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Degrees of Each Zodiac Sign

Each Sign

  • Aries = 1 – 13 – 25 = taking action, fighting spirit, not giving oneself up to fate, struggle, war, can indicate abuse, labor, diligence, leadership, beginnings, etc
  • Taurus = 2 – 14 -26 = money, food, the earth, stability, luxuries, voice, singing, etc
  • Gemini = 3 – 15 – 27 = communication, gadgets like televisions or phones, self-expression, books, siblings, neighborhood, etc
  • Cancer = 4 – 16 – 28 = home, nurture, traditions, loyalty, faith, mother, water, etc
  • Leo = 5 – 17 – 29 = attention, life, fame, light, children, creativity, self-expression, monarchs, entertainment, strength, hair, etc
  • Virgo = 6 -18 = to diminish, to make smaller, improvement, health, work, routine, pets, to be of service, etc
  • Libra = 7 – 19 = fairness, law, business, partnerships, fashion, beauty, charm, luxury items, music, art, etc
  • Scorpio = 8 – 20 = the 8º specifically is connected to death, wealth, to take from others, manifestation, secrets, insurance, sex, jealousy, pregnancy, etc
  • Sagittarius = 9 – 21 = abundance, expansion, wisdom, college, traveling, exploring, etc
  • Capricorn = 10 – 22=to take control, public attention, coldness, fear, depression, rationality, ambition, father, etc
  • Aquarius = 11 – 23 = divorce, surprises, high places, high tech, new technology, humanitarianism, organizations, friends, networking, etc
  • Pisces = 12 – 24 = sleeping, drugs, alcohol, lethargy, the unconscious + our psyche, emotional dejections, feet, madness, shadows, unclear, endings, etc

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Critical Degrees in Astrology

In this post, I will specifically discuss critical degrees, what they are, and what they mean. In astrology, critical degrees refer to specific degrees of the zodiac that are believed to have heightened significance or influence.

What I will share in this post, is what I’ve learned from my favorite astrologer, Nikola Stojanovic on his degrees theory.

  • 0 & 29 = are critical degrees of every sign.
  • 0 degree = The beginning of a sign or house is often considered significant, as it represents the initiation or fresh energy associated with that particular sign or house.
  • 29 degrees: The final degree of a sign is often considered critical, as it represents the culmination, completion, or ending of the energy associated with that sign.
  • 0 – 13 – 26 = are critical degrees in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)
  • 8-9 & 21-22 = are critical degrees in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
  • 4 & 17 = are critical degrees in Mutable degrees (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces)

Planets in Critical Degrees

Sun in a critical degree = affects personality & what they want, their identity is unstable, for women can have problems in partnerships, confidence

  • Moon = Difficulties in emotions, mother, how you express your feelings, can’t be in the mother’s role
  • Mercury = The person has challenges in paying attention to detail, observing things, communicating, or how the person thinks and makes decisions.
  • Venus = problems in relationships, unfulfilling relationships
  • Mars = how you take action & no desire to compete, desire to be passive
  • Jupiter = Means the person has challenges in confidence, however not obvious from the outside, in fact, these people learn to compensate
  • Uranus, Neptune & Pluto = It’s not so much a personal impact but social influences

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Critical Degrees Astrology | Astrology Degrees | Astro Arwa (2024)
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