50+ Bread Machine Recipes (2024)

Bread machine recipes can be hard to find, as bread makers were most popular before the internet became a thing. Don’t worry, I’ve collected plenty of bread maker recipes to keep your machine working all year long.

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (1)

Bread machines were invented in the ’90s, and they were incredibly popular at the time. My dad gave my mom one for Christmas with a hopeful glint in his eye, as she’d never baked in her life…and he was hoping she’d start.

It worked! And I still remember sitting there by the bread machine in the ’90s, waiting for the timer to ding on her unbeatable bread machine potato bread.

As more and more people experiment with home baking, they’re seeing a resurgence in popularity, and 2020 actually saw a shortage of bread machines. People put in pre-orders for machines to be delivered 6 months or more in the future.

The problem is, since bread machines were incredibly popular before the internet became a part of our daily lives, it can be tricky to find bread machine recipes online.

Not to worry!

I’ve collected more than 100 delicious bread machine recipes for you, everything from everyday loaf bread to celebration sweetbreads, pizza, and even bagels.

Believe it or not, bread machines can be used to make more than just bread! I’ve also included bread machine cake, pasta, jam, and meatloaf recipes for you to try.

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (2)

Challah in the Bread Machine

Bread Machine Sandwich Bread Recipes

Staple bread for everyday, sandwich bread is usually enriched with milk, eggs, or butter to keep them soft and chewy. Adding fats to the dough also extends the bread’s usable lifespan, as it’ll stay soft longer than crusty french bread.

My favorite by far is simple white sandwich bread, but you can make just about any sandwich bread you can find…from potato bread to oatmeal honey bread.

  • Bread Machine White Bread ~ Adamant Kitchen
  • Bread Machine Honey White Bread ~ Adamant Kitchen
  • Bread Machine Potato Bread ~ All Recipes

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (3)

Bread Machine White Sandwich Bread

Crusty Bread Machine Recipes

These aren’t soft sandwich bread loaves, these are old-school crusty hearth bread that are perfect for dipping in oil (or soup).

With a mix of white and whole wheat recipes here, there’s something for everyone.

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (4)

Bread Machine French Bread

Bread Machine Oatmeal Bread Recipes

Adding a bit of oatmeal to homemade bread gives it a hearty bite, whether it’s a white or whole wheat loaf.

These loaves are perfect beside a bowl of soup, but they’re also great for sandwiches too.

Most incorporate honey or maple to bring out the natural sweetness in the oats, and help balance the flavor.

  • Bread Machine Maple Oatmeal Bread ~ Adamant Kitchen
  • Bread Machine Oatmeal Honey Bread ~ Adamant Kitchen
  • Bread Machine Honey Wheat Oatmeal Bread ~ Adamant Kitchen

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (5)

Whole Wheat Bread Machine Recipes

Quality whole wheat bread can be tricky, but the even kneading and patient rise times of a bread machine makes it easy.

Add a little fiber (and flavor) to your homemade loaf with these whole wheat recipes. They don’t have to be completely “healthy,” and I won’t tell if you add a slather of honey butter on top…

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (6)

Whole Wheat Bread Machine Sandwich Bread

Bread Machine Egg Breads

Adding eggs to homemade bread adds richness and lift, not to mention a soft supple crumb.

Classics like challah can easily be made in the bread machine, but don’t use the ‘time delay’ function. The eggs in the bread maker won’t fare well waiting all day for the bread to be baked, and these recipes should only be baked right after adding to the pan.

  • Bread Machine Challah~ Adamant Kitchen
  • Bread Machine Zopf (Swiss Egg Bread) ~ Adamant Kitchen

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (7)

Bread Machine Challah

Bread Machine Cheese Breads

If egg breads aren’t your thing, how about cheese instead?

These won’t loft quite as high as plain or egg-leavened bread machine recipes, but they’re packed with flavor from rich shredded cheese.

Bread Machine Sweet Breads

Who says bread has to be for dinner?

Sweetbreads are perfect desserts or slathered with butter as your morning toast.

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (8)

Bread Machine Brioche Bread

Bread Machine Recipes with Fruit or Spices

These sweet bread machine recipes include spices like cinnamon, and added fruit like raisins, bananas or apples. They’re still yeasted breads, but they have a lot more flavor complexity than plain sweet bread.

Try bread machine apple cinnamon bread with chunks of diced apple for an extra special treat!

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (9)

Bread Machine Apple Cinnamon Bread

Bread Machine Rolls

You can’t quite make dinner rolls from start to finish in a bread maker, but you can save yourself the work of making the dough.

Let the bread machine prep everything for you, and all you’ll need to do is cut and shape the dough before the final rise. Pop it in the oven, and you’ll have fresh dinner rolls without the fuss.

Whether it’s everyday dinner rolls, or an extra special batch of cinnamon rolls ready for Christmas morning, the bread machine makes it easy.

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (10)

Bread Machine Pizza Dough

Who knew you could make pizza in the bread machine!?!? Wait no, not quite.

But you can make really epic pizza dough in the bread machine. Just spread it out, top with your favorite toppings, and you’re ready for an easy no-fuss pizza night.

Bread Machine Flatbread

Flatbread is some of the easiest homemade bread to make, provided you’re willing to put in the work kneading the dough…

Toss all the ingredients in the bread maker, and it’ll do the work for you on the dough cycle, then take it out to bake flat in the oven. Don’t forget a generous sprinkling of olive oil on that homemade focaccia!

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (11)

Bread Machine Focaccia

Bread Machine Quick Bread Recipes

The term “quick bread” just means any bread leavened with baking soda (or powder) instead of yeast. There’s no rise time, and the bread just mixes and bakes.

Bread machines have a special cycle to accommodate these “no-rise” breads, and all you need to do is toss the ingredients in and press “start.”

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (12)

Bread Machine Zucchini Bread

Bread Machine Cake Recipes

Like quick bread recipes, bread machine cake recipes skip the rise but still allow you to make your cake without lifting a single spatula.

Pound cake in the bread machine is especially decadent…

Gluten-Free Bread Machine Recipes

Though it can be tricky to make by hand, gluten-free bread is incredibly simple in the bread machine.

You can use the regular bread cycle, or if you happen to have the Zojirushi Plus Model, it has gluten-free bread settings built-in.

Specialty Bread Machine Dough Recipes

Sometimes, all you need is a little help kneading the dough, and a bread machine is perfectly suited to the task.

Give your forearms a break, and let the machine go to work making dough for homemade pasta and even traditional bao (steamed buns).

Bread Machine Jam Recipes

Who knew you could make homemade jam in the bread machine!?!? It makes sense when you think about it.

Sure, there’s no rise step, but you have a ready-made self-stirring nonstick pan and a heating element, which is basically the perfect recipe for easy hands-free jam.

Bread Machine Meat Loaf Recipes

Once you’ve accepted that you can make jam in a bread machine, meatloaf isn’t that much of a leap. Simply form the meatloaf and then use a custom cycle for baking it in the bread machine.

The bread maker is really just a countertop oven in this meatloaf recipe, and the stirring and rising steps are skipped altogether.

Yield: Makes 1 1/2 or 2 Pound Bread Machine Loaves

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (13)

Bread machine recipes are simple instructions for using a bread maker to produce effortless homemade bread. These are generic instructions that can be used with most yeasted bread machine recipes, but please refer to the specific recipe for more details.

Prep Time10 minutes

Cook Time3 hours

Total Time3 hours 10 minutes


  • Flour
  • Water
  • Yeast


  1. Consult the individual recipe for specific ingredient quantities. However, the process for making yeasted bread in the bread machine is almost always the same. (Be sure to check the manual for your specific machine to be sure.)
  2. Start by adding the wet ingredients into the bottom of the bread machine pan. This usually includes things like water, milk, butter, eggs, oil, honey, etc.
  3. Next, add the flour and use it to make an "island" on top of the wet ingredients. Make a well in the flour to hold the other dry ingredients, including salt, sugar, yeast, etc. This will keep the yeast and other ingredients dry until the machine starts to work.
  4. Turn the bread machine on and select the appropriate cycle, usually "white" or "whole Wheat" depending on your recipe. Select the crust color, either "light," "medium," or "dark" if your machine has that option.
  5. Press start, and the machine should start to knead the ingredients. Watch for the first few minutes to ensure that the dough isn't too wet or too dry. Add a tablespoon of water if it's too dry, and likewise, a tablespoon of flour if it's too wet.
  6. Allow the machine to run through its cycle, first kneading the dough, then rising, and eventually baking the bread.
  7. Once the bread is baked, remove it form the machine and allow it to cool completely before slicing.


If you're making a quick bread like banana bread or a cake, the instructions are a bit different. Likewise, dough-only recipes would select the dough cycle and skip the baking cycle. Refer to the specific recipe for instructions.

Bread Recipes

Looking for more tasty bread recipes? These loaves aren’t bread machine recipes, but if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, they’re mighty tasty!

  • Yeasted Banana Bread
  • Honey Whole Wheat Bread
  • Sourdough Rye Hearth Bread (Pain de Méteil)
  • Amish White Bread

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (14)

50+ Bread Machine Recipes (2024)
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